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ɫֿ. () has successfully completed the NSA Lab Based Security Assessment (LBSA)  of its revolutionary M-DRIVE solution to support multi-tenant network environments for the DoD and their mission partners. As the only approved solution of its kind, the M-DRIVE will allow users to host multiple active and inactive mission enclaves at the SEC/REL level on the same hyperconverged rack-mountable or ruggedized tactical platform.

The Modular Dynamically Reconfigurable Integrated Virtualized Environment (M-DRIVE®) delivers a turnkey software defined tactical data center with multi-tenant isolation of network enclaves through secure network virtualization. M-DRIVE is a cross domain access solution that allows rapid deployment and reconfiguration of mission enclaves and delivers enhanced collaboration in modern warfighting Mission Partner Environments (). As stated in recent written testimony by Admiral Philip Davidson, Commander of Indo-Pacific Command, “MPE provides universal battle management and automated decision making by accessing a multi-domain sensor network.” M-DRIVE offers the only approved multi-enclave solution to meet these mission critical MPE requirements.

M-DRIVE is also well positioned to support a broad array of Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control () architectures and Programs of Record (PoR) as government organizations modernize to support the rapidly expanding MPE and the continuing need for “fight tonight” technologies. “This [MPE] is the next generation of how we fight and communicate with our allied partners,” according to retired DoD CIO, Dana Deasy, in a .

M-DRIVE’s inherent scalability provides dramatic operational benefits by collapsing legacy multi-server stack infrastructures into a single platform yielding a 30-50% reduction in MPE server infrastructure. It provides increased hosting efficiencies with a significantly smaller form factor, drastically reducing cost along with increased efficiencies for size, weight, and power (SWaP). The fully-COTS solution allows users to focus on applications and the delivery of services rather than the underlying computing, storage, and networking resources. Users can rapidly share secure information, access applications, join an enterprise mission enclave, or create an episodic enclave within hours in any environment, including within the enterprise, at-the-halt, and on-the-move.  

“In support of the warfighter’s need to more efficiently share information in multi-domain operations, M-DRIVE has the potential to reshape the way the DoD and its mission partners operate during exercises, contingency operations, or in combat,” said Trace CEO Otto Hoernig III, of the company’s latest achievement. “The fully integrated platform supports and enables not only coalition interoperability, but also potential future multiple security level (MSL) requirements throughout the DoD, and in support of the mission and coalition partner environments.”

ɫֿ. is a leading innovator in scalable, secure hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), virtualized technologies and private cloud solutions within enterprise and tactical environments. Every day, Trace delivers mission critical capabilities, infrastructure, and support to enable customer success globally. For additional information, please contact mediarelations@tracesystems.com.

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